Spanish Guinea Engraved Set

26 Mar 2018  Mon

There has always been a demand for colonial stamp issues because of their wonderfully engraved designs and vibrant colours.

Spanish Guinea was one of the uncertain possessions of Spain during the 19th and 20th Centuries. It consisted of a small territory called Rio Muni in West Africa. It was between Cameroon and Gabon on one side and the islands of Elobey, Annobon, and Corisco in the Gulf of Guinea on the other. In 1968, the colony became an independent country called Equatorial Guinea. It is the only African country whose official language is Spanish.

The first stamps of the colony were issued in 1902. Different stamps were issued for Rio Muni and for Elobey, Annobon, and Corisco sometimes. Stamps for Spanish Guinea were produced until 1959.

Though the earlier issues are a bit costly, you will find later issues which are not too pricey. The 1931 engraved set of 14 pictorial definitives featuring a porter, drummers, and King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria of Spain is something to look for. The set has a listed market value of $69.15 in unused hinged condition and $175 in mint never-hinged condition.

Image Courtesy: Scott 220 - 233

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