Gold half Mohur of Rewa

26 Mar 2018  Mon

On 4th November 2017, Mumbai Todywalla Auction sold this handsome coin issued by the Princely State of Rewa.

The royal house of Rewa belongs to the Baghela clan of the Solanki Rajputs. This coin was issued in the reign of King Gulab Singh in 1975 VS. The obverse of this coin depicts a Coat of Arms in the centre supported with the small lion on either side with Nagari legend inscribed around it within the dotted border.

The reverse of this coin depicts date and denomination in the centre with dotted circle depicted around it and Nagari legend is inscribed within dotted border. This coin was issued to commemorate and mark the accession of the King Gulab Singh.

This extremely fine and very rare gold coin was sold for INR 1, 30,000.

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Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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