The Most Valuable “Landing of Columbus” Stamp

26 Mar 2018  Mon

Since the foundation of US post, a number of stamps were issued featuring Landing of Columbus in West Indies. However, this particular stamp is the most valuable of all.

Landing of Columbus on a West Indies port was a revolutionary movement in the History of the US and subsequently the history of the entire world. This historic movement has been beautifully captured, in a painting, by John Vanderlyn, who was commissioned by the Congress to paint The Landing of Columbus.

This painting later became a key image on many US stamps depicting Columbus surrounded by his men on a beach. In 1869, H. B. Hall engraved this painting on a 15 cents stamp.

The 1869 15 cents “Landing of Columbus” stamp became as revolutionary as Columbus’s westward Expedition itself. Mainly for two reasons a) for the first time in American postal history, something other than portraits of national leaders was being pictured on a stamp. And b) this stamp was the first bicolour stamp of the US.

The stamp depicts the Painting in blue colour in the centre with and a frame in brown which reads US post above and 15 Cents below with intricate design. The stamps had to go through the press twice; once, to print the vignette (centre design), and again, to print the frame.

As the stamps were unpopular with the public, they were withdrawn from sale within a year after their release. This 15 cents stamp has been recently brought $275,000.

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