New 200 Swiss Franc Banknotes to be Released in August

24 Mar 2018  Sat

A new 200 Swiss franc banknotes (CHF 200) will enter circulation on 22nd August. It is the latest in a new series that highlight Switzerland's scientific expertise.

New CHF 50, CHF 20 and CHF 10 notes from the same series are already in circulation. CHF 100 and CHF 1,000 notes will be released in 2019. The theme for the new series is "the many faces of Switzerland". Different concepts like time, light, wind, water, matter and language are explored on each note.

15 security features like an opaque Swiss cross, a colour-changing globe depending on light conditions, security strip etc have been included on the new banknotes.

CHF50 notes are the first ones from the series which was introduced in 2016. The last Swiss Banknote series was issued in 1996. The obverse features little arrows that show the zones and directions of the wind. A micro-text list of Switzerland's 4,000-meter peaks has also been included in the note.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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