World Meteorology Day

23 Mar 2018  Fri

Today on 23rd March 2018, the World Meteorology day is celebrated with the espoused themes of weather ready and climate-smart. The motivation behind to celebrate this day was the ever-growing hazards faced by the world population, such as tropical cyclone storms, heavy rains, heat-waves, droughts, etc. The intensity in which the climate is changing increases the frequency of extreme weather, increase sea levels and ocean acidification.

The priority of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) is to protect lives, livelihoods and property from these rapid climatic changes.

The WMO and NMHSs services provide daily weather broadcast to long-term climate prediction that helps society to be weather ready and climate-smart. They also help in the sound management of fresh water for agriculture, industry, energy and human consummation. These essentials empower us to manage risks related to weather, climate and water.

It is our duty as the earthlings to protect and preserve our planet. The problem we face today is created by us, we all should prevent it from happening and preserve our planet.

To spread awareness of the risk related to climatic and weather changes and to celebrated world Meteorological day Nigeria Post has issued two commemorative stamps in 1967.

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