Amoghbhuti coin sold for INR 3000

23 Mar 2018  Fri

Kuninda was an ancient Kingdom of India ruling in the northern region of Himalaya from 200 BCE to 300 CE. They are also known to issue beautiful silver coins with ample of symbols on them. The given coin in the image depicts deer standing right with srivatsa or two cobras between the horns, vase behind the back, goddess holding a flower and Brahmi legend around 'Rajnah kunindasya amoghabhutisya maharajasya’ on the obverse. While the reverse has a 6-arched hill topped by a Nandipada at centre, symbols like Swastika, a tree in the railing, triangle-headed standard (Indra-dhvaja), a wavy line around and Kharoshthi translation 'rana kunidasa amogbhutisa maharajasa'.

This coin belongs to Kuninda king Amoghbhuti and it weighs around 2.41 grams and was sold for INR 3000 at Todywalla Auctions on 9th February 2018. Study more Kuninda coins on our website.

Picture Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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