New Finnish Stamps Show Children Celebrating Easter

22 Mar 2018  Thu

Finland issued a new set of three stamps called Fresh and Healthy on 28th February featuring pictures of children enjoying Easter traditions.

One stamp shows a boy dressed up as an Easter bunny. The rabbit symbolises fertility and spring since ancient times. However, a 17th century scripture in Germany talks about a hare that hides eggs at Easter for the first time.

Another stamp depicts a girl with decorated pussy willow twigs and a boy wearing a witch’s costume. The third stamp shows a girl with a tea kettle holding a blue egg and more decorated twigs.

Children in Eastern Finland traditionally knocked on doors on Palm Sunday to bless homes with their twigs in return for treats. Children in Western Finland dress up as witches and collect treats on Easter Saturday.

Each stamp also features a symbolic map to represent the domestic rate which is 1.40 currently.

Image Courtesy: Finland’s post office, Posti

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