Beautiful Taliq script on Aurangzeb’s 200 Rupees

22 Mar 2018  Thu

An extremely rare silver 200 rupees of Aurangzeb minted at Dar-ul-Khilafah Shajahanabad. The coin is partly struck and partly engraved. This is noticeable particularly at the end of those places on which the pressure of striking failed to produce a satisfactory result. On special occasions at the court, the Mughal rulers presented dignitaries with such huge coins of gold and silver.

The calligraphy is in the attractive Ta’liq script. The central panels on the front and back sides contain Aurangzeb’s name and titles together with the mint and the date. On the edge are written verses praising this money and the mild and glorious rule of Badshah Aurangzeb.

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Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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