The Brazil “Inclinados”

22 Mar 2018  Thu

The Brazil ‘Inclinaods’ refers to a unique series of early stamps of Brazil which is also known as “Slanting Numeral Series”.

While Great Britain holds the first rank among the issuers of the Postage Stamp, the 2nd rank is shared by two countries. Switzerland and Brazil issued their first postage in the same year. The stamps of Brazil are still considered as a unique piece of Philately.

The first stamps of Brazil were issued on 1 August 1843 and are known as "Bull's Eyes" due to their distinctive appearance followed by a new series was issued which is known as the slanted numeral series.

The inclinados were Brazil’s second issue. These slightly smaller stamps were printed in black. The “Inclinados” name comes from the slanted (or inclined) appearance of the numerals of value. Three values this second issue made using the thicker paper of the “Bull’s Eyes” stamps were 30-reis, 60r and 90r.

Unlike the UK or Swiss stamps, the stamps of Brazil do not feature the portrait of the Queen. Instead, they feature a unicolour design with the value printed on it. However, just like the UK and Swiss stamps, the stamp shows no name of the country.

These stamps are very rare as very few specimens have survived. A 90r stamp of 1845 recently fetched $125,000

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