Matrimandir on stamp

21 Mar 2018  Wed

Think of Auroville and the first image that pops into your head is the Matrimandir. The golden orb-like structure has come to symbolize Auroville to the outside world. Now you can find the Matrimandir (literally meaning, ‘temple of the mother’) on a stamp issued by India Post on February 25 to commemorate 50 years of Auroville’s foundation.

The commemorative stamp also features portraits of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on either side of the Matrimandir. The stamp was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Auroville’s Golden Jubilee celebrations at the international township.

The Matrimandir is an edifice of spiritual significance for practitioners of Integral yoga, situated at the centre of Auroville initiated by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is called the soul of the city and is situated in a large open space called Peace. Matrimandir does not belong to any particular religion or sect.

Image Courtesy: Google Image

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