Latest Set of Stamps from the Maritime Malta Series

21 Mar 2018  Wed

The sixth set of postage stamps from the Maritime Malta series will be released on 23rd March by Malta Post. Each set comprises of three stamps depicting ships from the times of Order of St John.

Two models of galleys are featured on the €0.26 and €0.42 stamps. A model of a brigantine is featured on the €1 stamp. All these models are showcased at the Malta Maritime Museum.

The stamps, designed by Sean Cini, will be issued in sheets of 10, and each one would feature a Maltese Cross watermark. 60,000 €0.26 stamps, 80,000 €0.42 stamps, and 25,000 €1 stamps would be released in total.

The stamps will be available at all Post Offices in Malta and Gozo from 23rd March via telephone, website or post.

Image Courtesy: Malta Post

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