Latvia's First Irregular Shaped Stamp

21 Mar 2018  Wed

Who says a stamp has to be a square? A stamp can be of any shape and any size! Breaking the stereotypes of Philately, Latvia has come up with her first and foremost irregular shaped stamp.

Situated in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia was declared independent in Nov. 1918. After the World War – I, this devastated country demanded independent status.

After a war of independence following the demand, On 18 November 1918, in Riga, the People's Council of Latvia proclaimed the independence of the new country, with Karlis Ulmanis as the head.

This year marks the centenary of the Latvian state, which is being toasted to by this special stamp issue. This stamp shows a laudable combination of patriotism and creativity.

Designed by the artist Girts Griva, the face value of the stamp is € 0.50. This is the first stamp of irregular shape released in Latvia, and it is designed as an outline of the map of Latvia.

This stamp is a really beautiful collectable!

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