First Country to Feature Indian Tricolour on Stamp

17 Mar 2018  Sat

It is a proud moment for any nation when its own flag waves on a foreign land. It is an acknowledgement that a nation gets internationally. The first country to feature Indian Tricolour on a stamp was South Korea.

In 1951, after the end of the Korean War, South Korea issued a series of stamps to commemorate her helping hands in the war. India, being one of the countries also appears on two of the stamps.

Korean War was one of the serious crisis that rose during the period of peace after the World War – II or Cold War, fuelled by ideological differences. The Korean War was the boundary conflict between South Korea and North Korea that turned grave with the involvement of the superpowers USA and USSR.

India played an important role during the wartime. Being a Non – Aligned country and due to the dear of a possible outbreak of the World War – III the involvement of the country was strictly up to the medical aid. The 60 Parachute Field Ambulances served in Korea for a total of three and a half years (Nov 1950- May 1954).

To commemorate the participation of India in the war South Korea issued two 500 Won stamps in the year 1951. These stamps show the statue of Liberty and the Globe and doves as a sign of peace and are in green and blue colours respectively. The stamps also feature the flags of South Korea and India with the text β€œthe Country Participating in the Korean War.

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