Lakshmi on Saurashtra Janapada Coin

17 Mar 2018  Sat

When we talk about ancient civilizations, India is a must topic of discussion. While the way of living of Ancient Indians was simple but the imagination of science and technology was far ahead of us.

The Janapada Coinage of India is recognized as one of the earliest coinages in the world. However, the symbols on coins were initially adopted from nature. Few symbols are very rare to be seen on the coins while few of them are frequently seen. Let us see one of the not so common symbols on the coins of Saurashtra Janapada(c.450 BCE-50 BCE).

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune, power, and beauty. She represents all that is female. She is one of the most important Hindu deities. This powerful Goddess is seen on the coins of Saurashtra Janpada.

Six types of Lakshmi images have been identified on the coins of Saurashtra Janapada by P.Anne van’t Haaff. The Gajalakshmi type coin of Saurashtra is however scarce. The featured coin is one the Lakshmi type coin. It depicts the seated Goddess on a stool to left with one hand raised and the other on her hip. The reverse is blank.

Isn’t it a beautiful coin?

Picture Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Galley.

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