Stephen Hawking Honoured on Isle of Man Stamps

15 Mar 2018  Thu

Stephen Hawking will always be remembered as a man who derived fascinating theories about the universe and beyond. His achievements in the field of cosmology and astrophysics are truly unmatched. As everyone pays their tribute to this respected scientist, let's take a look at a special stamp issued by Isle of Man Post Office honouring Stephen Hawking! The 76 years old scientist breathed his last at his home in Cambridge, England during the early hours of 14th March 2018.

Isle of Man Post Office had released special postage stamps and related products in July 2016 called The Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking — 100 Years of General Relativity. These products highlighted the work of Einstein and Hawking including path-breaking scientific equations that were derived by them in the last 100 years. Hawking had also displayed the stamps in his living room. Hawking had hoped that these stamps would inspire and encourage young scientists to continue researching in the field of cosmology and astrophysics He had also promoted these stamps during the Starmus science festival in the Canary Islands in June 2016 as well.

The Isle of Man Post Office joined hands with Glazier Design, The Stephen Hawking Foundation, Greenlight and actor Eddie Redmayne to release these stamps.

Image Courtesy: Isle of Man Post Office

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