David Feldman Auctions to offer Interesting Stamps from France and Switzerland

14 Mar 2018  Wed

Classic stamps from France and its colonies along with specialized stamps from Switzerland will be offered by the David Feldman auction firm on 21st and 22nd March.

The 1849-50 Ceres series from France like scarce unused examples of the 15-centime green stamp would be up for sale. An 1852 President Louis Napoleon issue is the only known unused pair of this stamp. It has an officially estimated market value of estimate of €130,000. Ballons montes covers and other material from the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian war are other highlights.

An 1872 letter from Paris to Vera Cruz, Mexico will be offered with an estimated value of €1,000. It has three-color franking and comes with a perforated 5c yellow-green Emperor Napoleon, the 80c rose Emperor with Laurel Wreath and the 15c bister Ceres which are issues from three different series, The stamps are set on a pale blue letter and tied with a star cancel “24.” It has extra postal markings with a Paris double-ring cancel.

Interesting Swizz philatelic items include a 1696 letter from Geneva to France and a 1698 letter from Vevey to France. Many 1845 2½-rappen Basel Dove examples will be offered. Four of them are used singles and three are on a cover. One example on a partial cover has sharp embossing with sheet margin at top, and four wide margins, tied by a red Basel circular datestamp. One of only two marginal examples of the Basel Dove is known on cover. The item is offered with an estimate of 30,000 Swiss francs.

More than 12 Swiss covers mailed to the US between 1863 and 1881 will be on sale.

Image Courtesy: David Feldman auction

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