Two Types of Lotuses Featured on Latest Canadian Stamps

13 Mar 2018  Tue

Canada post released new non-denominated (85¢) permanent stamps featuring a Lotus in two different se-tenant designs on 1st March. The stamps will be available in a self-adhesive booklet of 10, a self-adhesive coil of 50 and a souvenir sheet of two. They belong to the Spring Flowers series.

The stamps were designed by Parcel Design of Toronto based on watercolors by a botanical artist from Indonesia named Eunike Nugroho. One of the stamps features a sacred lotus while the other one depicts an American lotus.

The sacred lotus has pink and white petals. It was declared as the national flower of India in 1950. It is regarded as a holy flower among Buddhists and Hindus. This aquatic perennial is generally found in Asia and northern Australia. However, it is cultivated in North America as well.

The American lotus is a creamy yellow flower that requires warmth and sunshine to grow. In Canada, they are generally found in the lakes Erie and St. Clair in southern Ontario. They are also found in the eastern half of the United States, California, and Honduras. These edible flowers also have medicinal properties.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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