Nibiru on Iraqi Dinar

13 Mar 2018  Tue

Nibiru, to the Babylonians, was the celestial body associated with the god Marduk. The term “Nibiru” comes from Sumerian cuneiform tablets and writings. It means “Planet of the crossing”, and its cuneiform sign was often a cross, or variously winged disc.

The Sumerian culture was located in the fertile lands between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in the southern part of today's Iraq.

The actual image of Marduk (Nibiru) is hidden in a shadow off to the left side of the Iraqi note where he is ever present but lurking in the shadows to the side. Similar to how the planet X is currently hidden in our solar system.

On the 25,000 Dinar, the elliptical orbit that contains Marduk touches the top of a structure. The structure on the edge that the orbit is touching is crumbling. Also to the left, the orbit of Marduk is seen touching the Lion of Babylon and you will notice the legs of a man under the lion. The lion has pounced upon the man and killed him!

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