Coin of Princely State Bajranggarh

13 Mar 2018  Tue

When Mughal Empire started declining it gave a change to other smaller kingdom to struggle for their independence. On one hand they started making an alliance for their survival and on the other hand, there was the threat of the foreign invaders. During that time the foreign traders were strengthening their hold on the administration of India.

When British ruled India, many of the kingdoms came under their rule and these were known as the Princely States. Bajranggarh was one such Princely State amongst them.

Bajranggarh was a small state situated in the district of Gwalior. The mint epithet of Bajranggarh was Jainagar. All the coins which were minted in this mint were struck in the name of Maharaja Jai Singh and it bears the legend in Devnagari Script.

The above coin is one of the examples of the Bajranggarh mint coin. Both obverse and reverse of this coin are inscribed with the Devanagari script on the coin within the dotted and line border.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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