Remembering Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha

12 Mar 2018  Mon

Dandi March Day is celebrated every year in India on 12th March with great enthusiasm by the people to commemorate the Salt Satyagraha as a non-violent campaign run by Bapu in the continuation of Indian independence movement.

The historic March to protest against the Salt Law began on 12th March 1930. It was a direct action campaign of tax resistance and nonviolent protest against the British salt monopoly in colonial India and triggered the wider Civil Disobedient Movement.

This was the most significant organized movement to challenge the British authority since the Non-Co-operation movement of 1920-22, and directly followed the Purna Swaraj declaration of Independence by the Indian National Congress on 26 January 1930.

This 24-day march was ended on 5th April 1930 with Gandhiji picking up a fist full of salt from the shores of Dandi village.

In 2005 India post issued 500 paisa (5 Rupee) postage stamp on Dandi March to tributes to all patriots who joined the March, inspired by Gandhi ji’s leadership.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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