First Foreign Country Flag on Indian Stamp

12 Mar 2018  Mon

It is a proud moment for any nation when its own flag waves on a foreign land. It is an acknowledgement that a nation gets internationally. While many countries have featured the Indian flag on their stamps, Soviet Union was the first consideration by India to have her stamp depicted.

Ninety-Six years ago, the world witnessed the historic event of a Monarchy transforming into a Socialist State. The year 1922 marked the formation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.

Of all the countries in the world; India, during post-World War times, had developed good relationships with USSR. The friendship between India and the Soviet Union is based on mutual interest of peace and friendship among the nations.

On 30th Dec. 1972 an Indian Stamp was issued, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the formation of USSR. This 20 paise stamp is designed in red and golden yellow colour and depicts the Flag of USSR and Kremlin Tower.

Post-USSR also issued a 6 krona stamp in 1972 that features State flags of the USSR and India.

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