World War I – 100th Anniversary 2018 Intaglio Print Program’s Latest Release

12 Mar 2018  Mon

Liberty Loans and Victory Bonds produced by BEP to fund military efforts during Great War. Many interesting allegorical and historical figures were depicted on these bonds. “Homefront” is one of the three cards in the World War I – 100th Anniversary 2018 Intaglio Print Program which contains these bonds along with engraved American iconography, and currency issued during the War. The three-card World War I collection can be bought for $51.00.

Items included in the set are - Uncle Sam ”I Want You” War poster by artist James M. Flagg, 1917; Buy Liberty Bonds Poster featuring soldiers in a victory parade, 1918. War poster featuring a dedication ceremony where a keystone called Victory Liberty Loan is hoisted into an arch, $5 War Savings Certificate Stamp, Series 1921; $5 World War I Savings Certificate Stamp, Series 1919, Header of the $10,000 Victory Loan.

A discount of $10 per print will be offered for bulk orders of 17 or more. The earlier release in this collection was the $2 Battleship Note print.

Image Courtesy: BEP

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