Easiest Ways to Maintain Your Stamp Collection

10 Mar 2018  Sat

The timeless hobby of Philately is really precious. The tiny stamps are nothing but a legacy. Hence, whether you’re holding onto them, passing them down, or looking to sell, they have to be preserved properly. Here are some easy tips —

• Collection
— Keep in touch with stamp catalogues. A well-researched knowledge goes a long way
— Be sure to consult a philatelic expert whenever you’re in doubt.
— Do not throw away old envelops as some antique stamps are more valuable with the original envelope and postmark intact.

• Treating stuck stamps
If your stamps get stuck to one another, do not try to peel stuck stamps hastily.
— Steam them for several seconds
— Wipe with a damp sponge
— Be very careful not to rip them as you’re separating them.
— Repeat the steaming process if necessary.

• Handling
— Don’t handle stamps with your bare fingers.
— Use protective Gloves while handling.
— Use stamp tongs to avoid bending.
— Never use ordinary tweezers which may pierce or damage the stamps.
— Use of stainless steel tongs is advisable to avoid corrosion.

• Storage
— Keep stamps in acid-free albums
— Peelable stamp hinges with adhesive backing are best for mounting most used stamps in an album.
— However, for mint-condition and valuable uncirculated stamps, it’s better to go with a stamp mount, a clear plastic sleeve with a gummed backing.

Happy Collecting!

Image Courtesy: https://www.safepub.com

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