Guardian Angel Raphael on Latest Austrian Coin

09 Mar 2018  Fri

Austria released its third coin in the “Heavenly Messengers” series. This one is dedicated to the guardian angel Raphael. The story of Tobias and the Angel is a part of Old Testament which was written around 200 BCE.

The reverse features young angel Raphael wearing a pilgrim’s staff. He has raised his hand in blessing. His wings are made of peacock feathers. The obverse design is separated from the outer ring with the inscription REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH. Each letter of this inscription is separated by beads or dots. Other similar inscriptions on the rim include 10 EURO. The date, 2018 is also included in the design.

Copper and quality polished plate versions are also available. The edges of silver and copper coins are smooth. The 16.82 grams .925 Silver coin has a mintage limit of 60,000 pieces while that of the 15 grams Copper coin is 130,000 pieces. The silver coin is available in Proof and Special Uncirculated versions while the copper coin is available in Uncirculated version.

When Tobias was looking for a companion, he met Raphael. He was not aware that Raphael was an angel. Young Tobias wanted to bathe in the river and a fish tried to swallow him. The angel asked Tobias to pack the fish. Tobias caught the fish and threw it on the shore. His offal turned into an effective medicine. The story signifies that the guardian angel Raphael supports self-healing by nourishing the body and soul. Raphael is known as the saint of pilgrims and travelers. He is popular among Christians as well as Jews.

Image Courtesy: Austrian Mint

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