Red 1922 No D Lincoln Cent, Die Pair 2, Strong Reverse

08 Mar 2018  Thu

Philadelphia Mint did not produce any cents in 1922. That’s the reason why 1922-D cents are rare. Die Pair 2 out of the three Denver die pairs is popular among collectors. A worn obverse die was used to remove signs of die clashing. This process removed the mintmark completely as well. A new reverse die was used later.

Heritage Auctions is going to offer the second-finest 1922 No D Red cent - a PCGS MS63 Red example in Dallas from 29th to 31st March. The coin features a Strong Reverse. Only one other such example is graded PCGS MS64 Red. NGC does not have any MS Red examples with a Strong Reverse. It is rare to find such coins with a Weak Reverse in MS Red condition as well. Only two coins of the Strong Reverse Die Pair 2 variety has been graded, making them extremely rare. The offered example has a light-red and deep reddish-gray toning. The obverse has some carbon-gray specks.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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