World's First Ceramic Stamps Unveiled in East

08 Mar 2018  Thu

As a promotion for the 2010 China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair, held in Jingezhen, China launched world’s first postage stamps made up of Ceramic.

Jingezhen, located in eastern China, is one of the ancient cities that claims to having been producing pottery for 1,700 years. Named after Emperor Zhenzong, it is considered as the largest centre of production of Chinese porcelain. Release of Ceramic stamps during such occasion can’t be more appropriate.

These stamps are not meant for actual postage use. These stamps are not only unique in the world but they also show the world the creativity of Jingdezhen as the ceramic capital of China in modern times.

These limited edition stamps are about 0.3 millimeter in thickness and are of limited production to 10,000 sets of the stamps. They show important ceramic kilns in china.

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