Ready Player One Collector Coins by Perth Mint

07 Mar 2018  Wed

Ready Player One is a popular science-fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based on a book written by Ernest Cline. The Perth Mint has released Ready Player One Collector Coins celebrating various characters of this film on 6th March.

Set in 2045, the film shows a world which is almost on the verge of destruction. James Halliday is an intelligent character who builds a virtual reality universe called Oasis where people find shelter. After Halliday’s death, he decides to hand over his wealth to the first person who finds a digital Easter egg that he has hidden in the Oasis. This leads to a contest across the world where different people are hunting for the Easter egg. The story unfolds with mystery, discovery, and danger lurking around.

The new coins made of 1oz of 99.99% pure silver feature the strongest Oasis contestants, Wade Watts and Samantha Evelyn Cook in their powerful avatars Parzival and Art3mis respectively. These coins are legal tender for Tuvalu. Mintage limit is 5,000 pieces for each of the two characters.

One of the coin’s reverse depicts Parzival in colour holding a gun which is used to fight his ‘gunter’ rivals. Other inscriptions include PARZIVAL and READY PLAYER ONE. The other coin’s reverse features Art3mis in colour holding a gun. Other inscriptions include ART3MIS and READY PLAYER ONE. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the reverse along with inscriptions like denomination and year-date 2018.

The Aech and the Daito & Sho coin will be released in April 2018. The coins are packaged in an acrylic case which is enclosed in a themed shipper. They also come along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Image Courtesy: Perth Mint

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