A to Z of British Identity on Latest Coins

07 Mar 2018  Wed

The latest set of 26 10p circulation coins by the Royal Mint named "quintessentially British" has become very popular already. Each coin features an English Alphabet along with something unique which starts with that alphabet. All these elements are a reflection of England’s culture and traditions like James Bond, fish and chips, Loch Ness Monster etc.

It is basically an A to Z homage to all things British from the Angel of the North to a zebra crossing. The English breakfast coin depicts fried egg, bacon, sausages, tomato and beans, while the James Bond coin has an inscription “007”.

Here’s the complete listing:

A – Angel of the North

B – Bond... James Bond

C – Cricket

D – Double-decker bus

E – English breakfast

F – Fish and chips

G – Greenwich mean time

H – Houses of Parliament

I – Ice-cream cone

J – Jubilee

K – King Arthur

L – Loch Ness Monster

M – Mackintosh

N – National Health Service

O – Oak tree

P – Post box

Q – Queuing

R – Robin

S – Stonehenge

T – Teapot

U – Union flag

V – Village

W – World Wide Web

X – X marks the spot

Y – Yeoman

Z – Zebra crossing

Image Courtesy: The Royal Mint

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