Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve Notes

07 Mar 2018  Wed

Demand for Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes is on the rise over the past few days. These notes have been reported in different cities with different letters as district designators like New York (B), Atlanta (F), St. Louis (H), and San Francisco (L). Boston (A) and Cleveland (D) have also been added to the list in BEP’s monthly production report for December 2017. BEP’s Fort Worth, Texas is where all the notes have been printed. “M” is the first letter of the serial number. It is followed by district designator.

320,000 Series 2017 $20 Star notes with signatures of Steven T. Mnuchin and Jovita Carranza were printed for New York. “N” is the starting letter for Serial Number and these notes would be the first of the $20 denomination.

Image Courtesy: BEP

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