1794 Liberty Cap Cent Sold for $47,000

07 Mar 2018  Wed

Ira and Larry Goldberg Auctioneers offered a wide range of early American copper coins like large cents and half cents from 18th to 21st February at the Pre-Long Beach Auction in Los Angeles. The Green Tree Collection of early half cents was a major highlight. It included a 1793 Liberty Cap, Left half cent graded AU 55 by PCGS that sold for $34,075.

A 1794 Liberty Cap, Head of 1793 cent, Sheldon 18b, graded MS 61 brown was sold for $47,000. Uncirculated copper coins are found in three broad categories: brown, red and brown, and red. Full red copper coins made during the first 10 years of the Philadelphia Mint are rarer since copper naturally changes its colour with time. Both sides of the offered coin show different toning. It has a frosty light to medium brown colour on the obverse with minute dark toning on the lower half. The reverse has a frosty olive brown and chocolate toning with small areas of lighter brown toning.

You will find many Sheldon varieties of 1794 large cents. The Liberty on this variety is similar to Joseph Wright’s portrait of Liberty from 1793, which has a slight double chin.

Image Courtesy: Ira and Larry Goldberg Auctioneers

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