Second Set of Stamps from Trades and Crafts Series

06 Mar 2018  Tue

A stamp series called "Trades and Crafts" was introduced by Liechtenstein on 6th March 2017 with a three-stamp set. The second and final set of three stamps from the series was released on 5th March of this year. All the six stamps were designed by Rene Wolfinger. Each one depicts pictograms of a traditional trade along with a hand in the lower right.

Work of stone like masons, tailors and goldsmiths was featured on stamps from the first series. The latest set consists of a 1-franc stamp, a 1.30fr stamp and a 1.80 r stamp. The 1-franc stamp shows tools that are used for binding books by hand, like scissors, a glue brush, an awl and a needle. the 1.30fr stamp features tools used for making musical instruments. Sawing, planing, and soldering are done by the instrument maker to produce a perfectly tuned instrument. Shoemaker tools like a hammer, knife, pliers etc are depicted on the 1.80fr stamp.

The stamps were printed by offset in sheets of 12 at Gutenberg AG of Schaan, Liechtenstein

Image Courtesy: Liechtenstein Post

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