The legend of the Sleepy Hollow on stamp

05 Mar 2018  Mon

A woman is walking in the middle of the sunken lane. Something about this lane’s moody silence is dogged. A chilly wind blowing through her hair sends a shiver through her. Suddenly prancing of a horse can be heard, the sound was rapidly closing in. She stops and turns back, her heart thumping loudly in her ears, she tries to speak, to shout, but strangely she has no control over her body. Beads of sweat form on her forehead as she desperately tries to run but her legs do not obey. Frozen and immobile, she watches a long shadow pass through the trees nearby. She would never have thought in her wildest imagination that the legend could be true. She never believed in ghosts. Wasn’t that the only reason she dared to come out here in the night. All alone, It was a just a legend, she kept reminding herself. But she could no longer deny it, as the Legend of the Sleepy Hollow unveiled in front of her...

Imagine yourself being in this situation. Scary isn’t it? This Headless Horseman of the Sleepy Hollow is the part of an American horror story since last century which has terrified nearly ten generations. It was written by Washington Irving, commonly known as America’s first bestselling book author ‘The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow’. This story taps into the dark side of American folklore. This Legend is adopted by both major movie and television production seven times since 1922.

To commemorate the Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, United State Post has issued a stamp in 1974. The artwork of this stamp was created by Leonard Everett Fisher.

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