2018 United States Mint Proof Set

05 Mar 2018  Mon

The 2018 United States Mint Proof Set will be up for sale on 6th March. The set can be purchased for $27.95. San Francisco Mint Coins from the set include, five America the Beautiful Quarters Program coins, one Native American $1 Coin, one Kennedy Half Dollar, one Roosevelt dime, one Jefferson nickel and one Lincoln penny.

The coins come in two protective lenses to keep them shining as ever. They are placed in a decorative carton depicting an image of Washington Monument on one side. The other side of the carton depicts images of each America the Beautiful Quarters national site honoured in 2018 along with other details of the site. Partial obverses of the remaining coins are also showed. Each set also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The set can be ordered online or via Telephone.

Image Courtesy: US Mint

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