Akbar Silver Rupee Sold For INR 2,70,000

03 Mar 2018  Sat

The Battle of Panipat in 1526 saw the rise of mighty Mughal Empire with the victory of Babar over Ibrahim Lodi. But, this Empire received its stability with the coronation of Emperor Akbar the great.

Akbar was the third king of Mughal dynasty. He sat on the Mughal throne in the year 1556. He reigned for almost 50 years. During his reign, Mughal Empire reached its highest peak. He was a cunning general, and he continued his military expansion throughout his reign. Coins issued by Akbar provide a powerful reflection of his personality. Out of all the Mughal Emperors, coinage of Akbar is the most beautiful and varied.

This silver square rupee was issued by Akbar from the mint Urdu. The mint name Urdu is also known as Urdu Zafar Qarin. The obverse of the coin inscribed with a Kalima with quatrefoil and the name of the Kalifas on four corners. The reverse of the coin is inscribed with the mint name Urdu within the centre square and legend name ‘Jalal ud din Muhammad Akbar Badshah Ghazi’ in the margin with AH date 987.

This extremely rare silver square rupee weighs around 11.2g and was sold for INR 2,70,000 by Todywalla Auctions.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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