Proof 2018-W American Eagle gold Coins go on Sale Today

01 Mar 2018  Thu

US Mint’s Proof 2018-W American Eagle gold coins will go on sale from today onwards. Each household will be allowed to buy one of each product. They are available in four sizes and in a four-coin Proof set as well.

25,000 Proof American Eagle 1-ounce $50 coins, 7,100 American Eagle half-ounce $25 gold coins, 7,100 quarter-ounce $10 gold coins and 22,000 American Eagle tenth-ounce $5 gold coins will be offered for sale. A maximum of 18,000 Proof sets, each containing all four versions will be available for purchase.

Pricing would change according to Mint’s pricing grid for coins containing precious metals. Pricing is affected by market movement in the spot price for gold.

Image Courtesy U.S. Mint

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