17th Century Baroque Art Celebrated on Latest Italian Coin

28 Feb 2018  Wed

The Italian Mint issued two coins from the Numismatica 2018 collection on 22nd February. One of the coins celebrates the Baroque cultural and artistic movement which originated in Rome during the 1630s. The other coin celebrates Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus or Trajan who was one of the best Roman emperors.

The Baroque €10 Silver Coin belongs to the Europa Star Program series. Artist engraver of the State Mint, Maria Carmela Colaneri created the design. 4,500 coins were released in proof version.

The obverse features a star within a circle. The female face representing Italy is depicted. Some elements are taken from the Italian Republic emblem like a toothed wheel and branches of oak and olive. A turreted crown, logo of the Europa Star Program, name of the designer “COLANERI”, “R” for Mint of Rome and “ITALIAN REPUBLIC” are other inscriptions.

The statue of Santa Veronica by Francesco Mochi with elements of Bernini and Borromini are featured on the obverse to represent Baroque art. Other inscriptions on the obverse include “IL BAROCCO”, “10 EURO”, “2018” and Name of the author “COLANERI”.

Image Courtesy Italian Mint

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