Creole Harvest Celebrated on Latest T&T Postage Stamps

27 Feb 2018  Tue

Trinidad and Tobago celebrated Creole Harvest on their latest stamp book that was released by TTPOST on 22nd January. This postal item was sold on eBay for US$37.50, which is almost 200 times more than the cover price, on Thursday. One of the officials said that passionate stamp collectors have always sold interesting new postage stamps released by TTPOST for impressive amounts.

Historian Cassandra Joseph and artist Derek Smith worked together to design these latest stamps. The set of 10 stamps depict various aspects of the Creole Harvest. The Creole culture and tradition is still an important part of the country.

Estate workers are shown celebrating their efforts which led to a good and profitable harvest season. Planters are surrounded by harvest and are wearing traditional ‘dwiyets’. They are also dancing and singing in their French Creole (Patois) language. Handmade instruments such as drums and bamboo are being played in the background. This tradition is a beautiful blend of French and African cultures.

Image Courtesy TTPOST

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