Copper Paisa of Sidi Ibrahim Khan III

27 Feb 2018  Tue

The origin of Nawab of Janjira is obscure. They were Sidi or Abyssinian Muslims whose ancestors, serving as admiral to the Muslim rulers of Deccan, had been granted Jagirs (revenue producing land tenures) under the Adil Shahi Sultans of Bijapur. In 1870, Janjira came under direct British rule. Until 1924 the Nawabs of Janjira also exercised suzerainty over Jafrabad on the Kathiawar peninsula.

Sidi Ibrahim Khan III was a Sultan of Janjira who ruled from 1848 to 1879 AD. He had struck few numbers of coins during his reign. Coins which were struck by him are in gold and copper.

This copper Paisa which weighs around 8.74g was minted in the reign of Sidi Ibrahim Khan III. The obverse has a Persian legend ‘Sikka Zad Dar Mulk Kokan Ibrahim Muhammad Khan Shah’.

Image Courtesy: Stephen Album Rare Coins

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