50p Error Coin Sold for £414

26 Feb 2018  Mon

A rare 50p coin from the 1980s with a minting error was recently sold on eBay for £414 on 17th February. The error coin is the result of a misstrike as the coin is not stamped in the correct place. The coin was discovered in a bag of uncirculated 50p pieces by a relative of the seller. The seller claims that the coin was validated. The coin had a starting bid of £200. 20 bids were placed by 8 bidders in one week.

The Team GB swimming 50p coin, released before the 2016 Summer Olympics, designed by Tim Sharp, featuring an image of a swimmer and the Team GB logo was also recently sold for an impressive amount even though it has a mintage of 6,400,000.

There is a good demand for rare coins on eBay, however, buyers should always check market price and authenticity before investing.

Image Courtesy eBay

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