Austrian Mint Celebrates 300th Anniversary of Viennese Porcelain

23 Feb 2018  Fri

Dürer-Hase and Lamm, a special representative of the genus Easter Bunny, look forward to a coin in 2018: Michael Powolny’s Hare (1927), a classic from the range of Augarten porcelain, whose counterpart was now immortalized on a silver and copper coin. With this new € 5 coin, the Austrian Mint celebrates not only Easter but also the 300th anniversary of Viennese porcelain art.

The Austrian and Augarten coins have a lot of similarities; both look back on a long tradition. One of the most charming figures in the assortment of the porcelain manufactory, Michael Powolny’s Hare from 1927 is now on a coin for the occasion of the Easter Festival.

Austrian Mint engravers have chosen Augarten for this lively Easter Bunny to pay tribute to the tradition of Viennese porcelain, which celebrates its 300th anniversary this year. The forget-me-nots in the background and the Maria Theresa decor on the edge of the coin are also from Augarten motifs.

In addition to the 5-euro coin in silver in a blister pack and in copper at face value, a special set is also available from the Austrian Mint and Augarten Porzellan. The loving combination of silver coin and Powolny’s ceramic rabbit is strictly limited to 1,500 pieces and a wonderful surprise for Easter lovers.

Also, for Easter, the Austrian Mint also presents the popular Vienna Philharmonic in silver in a personalized blister pack from which a small chick looks out from an Easter meadow.

The silver coin Easter Bunny in quality raised for the recommended price of € 18,60, the normal coinage in copper is at a nominal value of € 5 and is available at banks and savings banks, at the Austrian Mint’s coin shop in Vienna, at the branches of Dorotheums.

The limited set consisting of a ceramic bunny by Michael Powolny and the silver coin 2018 in a silver case is available for € 98,70, exclusively from the Austrian Mint and Augarten porcelain.

Image Courtesy Austrian Mint

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