Australian Overprinted Half sovereign

23 Feb 2018  Fri

The image beside depicts an Australian Ten Shillings banknote issued in 1927 with an overprint "Half Sovereign" in red.

The note issued during the reign of King George V has on its obverse the portrait of HM King George V with the Coat of arms of Australia at left. The denomination is depicted at centre and in each corner of the banknote. The note features the signatures of Sir Ernest Cooper Riddle, Governor Commonwealth Bank of Australia & Mr James Thomas Heathershaw, third Secretary to the Australian Government Department of the Treasury (1926–1932).

The reverse portrays the Goulburn Weir near Nagambie, Victoria, Australia. The Goulburn Weir or Goulburn bridge was built between 1887 and early 1891 across the Goulburn River near Nagambie, Victoria, Australia. It was the first major diversion structure built for irrigation development in Australia. The structure also contained one of the first hydro-electric turbines in the southern hemisphere, used to supply power for lifting and lighting.

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