Potter's Wheel Adorns New Indian Stamps

22 Feb 2018  Thu

India Post, like always, contributes to the celebration of Republic Day in a unique and creative way. On the occasion, two new stamps were released, which features an ancient but on the verge of vanishing art of India as well as the world.

Pottery or the art of making pots out of clay is an ancient art. Since, the very beginning of human civilization, man has been creating pots and utensils out of clay. With the passage of time, with changing technology the art of Pottery flourished. Potter, thus, became a profession. Potter and his Wheel then became an integral part of Indian social structure.

In an attempt to safeguard this rapidly – disappearing art, India post arranged a National level stamp design competition on the theme "potter’s wheel". The prize-winning entries were given the honour to appear on stamps and other philatelic material.

On the occasion of Republic day, these stamps were launched, which come with the denomination of Rs. 15 and Rs. 5. Both the stamps depict a potter giving wonderful transformation to a lump of clay.

On the other hand, the miniature sheet depicts a potter busy in making pottery and being observed by two children. The stamps also show a traditional scenic environment of a typical Indian village.

Image Courtesy: https://4.bp.blogspot.com

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