Gold Confederate Cents Restrike to be Auctioned

22 Feb 2018  Thu

It is believed that a popular Philadelphia jeweler who represented CSA government had ordered Robert Lovett to make very few original copper-nickel Confederate cents. Robert Lovett was afraid of talking about these illegal activities for almost 10 years until the end of Civil War. However, there is no proof to support these stories.

A coin dealer named John W. Haseltine bought these coins and the dies from Lovett in 1874. Haseltine started making restrikes in copper, silver, and gold. Experts believe that seven gold, 12 silver, and 55 copper restrikes were produced. After 30 years, Haseltine announced that only three gold and five silver restrikes were produced. However, there was a circular to support the former numbers.

One of these gold cent restrikes will be offered by Heritage Auctions at Long Beach Auction from 22nd to 26th February. There are myriad small marks on both sides, a gouge at CA in AMERICA, and short scratches on the reverse. It is cleaned but has impressive copper toning.

Image Courtesy Heritage Auction

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