New Sri Lankan Banknote Commemorates 70th Independence Day

21 Feb 2018  Wed

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka released a new Rs. 1000 commemorative banknote to mark their country's 70th independence day. This new note is designed and printed by De La Rue which has been working with the Central Bank for more than 30 years.

The original design of the Rs. 1000 is not altered much. The new elements in the design include the Celebrating Diversity logo, images of a Temple, Mosque, Tamil Kovil and a Church. The notes have a prefix which looks like S70.

De La Rue also has a manufacturing site in Sri Lanka where locals are employed. This has helped in contributing towards local economy as well in some way. De La Rue’s senior officials have expressed their delight and honour in releasing these special commemorative notes.

Sri Lanka got complete internal political independence from British rule on 4th February 1948. Colombo is where the main celebrations take place. It is marked by the President's flag-hoisting ceremony. Several other cultural events take place throughout the country and Independence Day is declared as a national holiday.

Images Courtesy De La Ru

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