Highlights at the Auction Galleries Hamburg Stamps Auction

19 Feb 2018  Mon

A rare 5,000-korona error stamp from Hungary issued in 1923 with dark green and yellow-green Madonna and Child design is going to be auctioned by a German firm named Auction Galleries Hamburg on 2nd and 3rd March.

The stamp is stuck on an envelope and has a perforated Budapest registration label on it dated either Jan. 21 or Jan. 27, 1925. Only one sheet of 100 invert stamps was sold. The error was not noticed earlier and some stamps from the sheet were lost. 38 such stamps are showcased in museums, while some others are with collectors.

The offered stamp is perfectly centered and has good perforations. It has a listed market value of $16,000. It also comes with a 1996 AIEP certificate signed by Visnyovski Gabor. The item has a starting bid of €5,000.

An 1863-67 2-penny Ceylon stamp, yellow-green with the taller of the two Crown and CC watermarks is offered with a 1991 certificate from the Royal Philatelic Society. Only four known examples exist, out of which one is a part of Queen Elizabeth II’s royal collection. It is offered at a starting bid of €10,000.

An early trans-Atlantic letter mailed in 1816 from New York to St. Jean de Luz in southwestern France, written in French, struck with a red COLONIES/PAR LE HAVRE double-line entry postmark will be offered with an opening bid of €120.

Image Courtesy Auction Galleries Hamburg

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