New Australian $50 Banknote

19 Feb 2018  Mon

The Reserve Bank of Australia will be soon releasing re-designed banknotes with advanced security features. The new $50 banknote will be officially circulated in small numbers on 1st October 2018. Portraits of the Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon along with that of Australia's first female MP Edith Cowan will be retained. Size of the new notes would also be the same as its older version. Colour scheme and material would also be the same.

The new note will have a colourful "tactile strip" to help vision-impaired identify denominations. It will also have a black swan and wattle in fluorescent ink that can be seen under UV light. It will feature microprinted text like excerpts from David Unaipon's Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines.

Experts believe that these notes are among the most technologically sophisticated notes of the world.

Image courtesy The Reserve Bank of Australia

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