Coins of India: A Story in Metals

17 Feb 2018  Sat

India’s financial evolution is interesting and intriguing. Starting from the ancient Punch Marked Coins to the current facade of the Lion capital, Indian coins have undergone great changes which have come to uniquely define it.

The coinage of “Bharatvarsha”, the entire Indian subcontinent, originates from the early 6th century BCE and spans over thousands of years, with hundreds of different Kings, and numerous denominations and metals. The very existence of these coins provides an unparalleled series of historical pieces of evidence crucial in mapping the gigantic past of our country.

All the kings and the mighty emperors who ascended the throne and fell to dust in this country have put forth their coinage. The coins with varied symbols, portraits, legends and designs have weaved together a story in metals.

The coins of all these illustrious rulers, the various Independent Kingdoms, British Presidency, Princely States, or the versatile Republic of India coin series which adorns the Ashokan Lion Capital (India’s National Emblem) proudly from 1950 until date add different facets to this story of Indian Coinage.

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Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions.

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