Pegasus on New Silver Coins by APMEX

16 Feb 2018  Fri

APMEX introduced a new coin in the Pegasus Series from Pobjoy Mint, featuring the famous winged horse from Greek mythology. The 1 oz Reverse Frosted Silver coin has a mirrored Pegasus design and a frosted matte background to achieve the desired contrast.

Apart from that, 1 oz Proof Silver Pegasus coins are available in an APMEXclusive® 2-coin set, which also includes the Reverse Frosted coin. Only 300 sets are available for sale and they come in a custom presentation box with a numbered certificate of authenticity featuring the story of Pegasus.

As per the Legend, Perseus was sent to kill Medusa. Hermes and Athena blessed Perseus with special gifts. When Perseus beheaded Medusa, Pegasus was born from her blood, tamed by Athena and given to Perseus. Pegasus was carried to Mount Helicon and handed over to the Muses after he helped Perseus save Andromeda.

Image Courtesy APMEX