Matsya Janapada Coin sold for INR 15,000

16 Feb 2018  Fri

The Matsya Kingdom was one of the Solasa Mahajanapadas in ancient India. The featured coin depicts the silver punch marked coin which is attributed to Matsya Janapada. The obverse of the coin depicts a single incuse punch ‘worms/ spaghetti’ complex symbol. The reverse is plain (?).This coin was sold for INR 15,000 at Classical Numismatics Gallery.

The reference of Matsya Janapada is found in the Buddhist text, Anguttara Nikaya. Today it consists of modern part of central Rajasthan. The people of Matsya Janapada are also associated with Surasena. Surasena (Uttar Pradesh) was also an ancient kingdom of India. However, no information is found about the link between these two kingdoms except in the Buddhist Pali literature.

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Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatics Gallery

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