Long Beach Coin, Stamp, Currency and Sports Collectibles Expo

14 Feb 2018  Wed

The Long Beach Expo has been a leading international tradition in the coin, currency, and stamp. They recently also have started collectables like fine arts, sports cards, autographs, and memorabilia as well. Long Beach conducts exhibition three times a year, gathering almost 10,000 dealers and collectors. The collectors can find each and every collectable ever imagined at Long Beach Expo. Exhibitors display their rare and unique items. This is what the long beach collectable is all about. They have a three-day exhibition on 22nd to 24th February at Long Beach Convention Center, Hall A, 100 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802. The Expo is also a great place for dealers to do business with each other, find out what’s available from the dealers and at the auctions, and establish lasting business relationships. In short, the Long Beach Expo is the place for just about everybody who likes coins, currency, stamps, sports collectables and the sunny weather of Southern California. Keep checking our website to know more about events and exhibitions.

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